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Australian Boulder Opal Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Malachite Manifestation Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Top of the Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Rare Moldovite Pendant - Tektite Meteorite :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Turquoise Pendant on etsy :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Blue Kyanite and iolite Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Rare Deep Green Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Heart Shaped Abalone Shell Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Bumble Bee Jasper Pendant on Etsy :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Steampunk Pendant with Red Accent Crystal :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 0 Fossilized Ammonite Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Silver and Steel Steampunk Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Labradorite Pendant with Gold Filled Wire Wrap :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 0 0 Steampunk Gearhead Antique Watch Pendant :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 1 1 Moldovite Pendant for Alchemical Mastery :iconenergyhealingjewelry:EnergyHealingJewelry 3 6


'Dragon Scale', handmade sterling silver necklace :iconseralune:seralune 414 147 brooch charoite :iconkl-wiredream:KL-WireDream 296 12 geode stone :iconkl-wiredream:KL-WireDream 110 6 100 0631 :iconkl-wiredream:KL-WireDream 75 3 GRYPHON PEN SKETCH COMMISSION ARTWORK :iconfacelift165:facelift165 4 4 Halloween :iconyanadhyana:yanadhyana 218 22 Steampunk Arm Finished :iconskinz-n-hydez:Skinz-N-Hydez 1,625 446 Steampunk backpack :iconsteammouss:SteamMouss 79 6 Steampunk Wristlet :iconsteammouss:SteamMouss 48 3 Steampunk goggles :iconsteammouss:SteamMouss 447 30 Lucid Dream :iconkenglye:kenglye 333 15 DRAGHADNAR- Silver, Green Quartz, Prehnite. :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 242 4 XAQTARIN DRACO (Dragon's Eye) :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 273 9 Queen Spider :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 220 17 Curious Findings :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 106 11 Splicer :iconamechanicalmind:AMechanicalMind 115 3


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Australian Boulder Opal Pendant
Also known as Koroite
see listing at this link:…

This has a LOT of sparkle - purple and green fire to it, that is really hard to capture in the photos. Boulder Opal has a pure energy reminding you that you are OF the stars and nebulas, clears and strengthens the aura. Boulder Opal provides clarity and purity of thought, helping you to declutter a muddled and confused mind. Boulder Opal calms and centers you, in meditation it can facilitate counsel with guides, star beings, beings of light, galactics. Boulder Opal can help to reveal the inner truth of ones aspirations, ambitions and desires. Boulder Opal can be used to treat circulatory disorders, balance erratic brainwave activity, assists kidney and liver function.
Malachite Manifestation Pendant
listing at this link:…

I've had to keep my fingers busy. It's like spring time over here or something. Creation is popping and So Are The Colors! Grateful for the energies the earth contributes to me and then to you! Malachite is known as "manifestation stone" I bet it's because of the association with green growing things. What can you grow in your life and living that this stone could contribute to? I notice how my mental chatter slows when I hold this and gaze at the lava lamp bubbles coming up. It instills a playful ease with the space of possibilities!
Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant…

Massive waves of healing energy come off of this piece. I am elated to touch it, I hope you will be too! The watermelon tourmaline piece is embedded in the clear quartz and they have been naturally growing together. You can see where there were other bits of tourmaline that grew on the back. The shapes they left behind make the super clear quartz sparkle magnificently when the light hits it. Some of the green tourmaline sparkles like druzy in the cracks of the quartz. People will be in awe of your amazing find! I had so much fun decorating this one with extra spirals in Sterling Silver Wire!

I have always drooled over the tourmaline at gem fairs and never been able to afford it before. Black has been all I've been able to get in the past. I found a very generous vendor who had prices I could afford and so I'm passing on the savings here! Normally a piece like this without the quartz would be around $500-$700 by itself before the wirewrapping, so basically you are getting the wire wrapping free! How does it get even better than this? And what can this beauty add to the enjoyment of your body?

more healing attributes shown at the link for the listing. Or so much more when you google the healing properties of Watermelon Tourmaline!
Rare Moldovite Pendant - Tektite Meteorite
Rare Moldavite piece I wrapped for wearing as a pendant…

This is a very symmetrical wing like formation of Moldavite. Most pieces I've seen are not this symmetrical! Moldavite is well known to help you develop communication with the higher realms especially the great beings of light that some call Archangels among many others and our star brothers and sister extraterrestrials. This is formed by the impact of a meteorite so it brings in the energies of off world wisdom! 

When I first started purchasing crystals this was one that attracted me strongly but I couldn't afford any at the time. Every gem show I went to, I made the point of stopping by the booths that had it and playing in its very strong vibrational field of contribution. It is willing to contribute to those who can receive, and even pop open that attribute for you even if you are not yet willing to receive very much because of strong programming of this reality's lack and limitation. Because of this, some will feel the massive energy pumping through this and be attracted to you or repulsed by you. I've had more than a few people tell me not to wear it to their house because it is too intense. It was certainly intense when I first started wearing it, but the more you wear it, the more attuned to what it is gifting you becomes with ease. It makes me feel "bigger" more expanded. Take your time with it and wear it off and on until you are more comfortable with it. You don't need to push it or you might feel light headed.
Things have been going along so smoothly for me, the tendency is to share only the tools that would help people get over their limitations. But what would your life be like if you didn't have any problems? Don't wait, start creating this reality! And give up the idea that you like to solve problems, because if you love problems then you will have to create them in order to solve them. And, if you don't have anything you would like to change and you've got everything the way you like it, this newsletter is definitely not for you! read more on the link here:


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Lezlee Willems
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I love to create wire wrapped jewelry, illustrate, sew, and I do graphic design newsletters like the one I share regularly in my journal entries. I have not yet been hired to produce eNews (mailchimp) newsletters for others but look forward to doing that. I originally started doing printed graphic design pieces for conference brochures in the Health Care Related Fields.

My focus energy healing. I train people how to clear mental emotional blockages so that their body can heal itself with ease! Access Consciousness and Mastering Alchemy are my favorite sets of tools. I've been blessed to watch many miracles, ask me about it sometime!

The stones I use in my creations are specifically chosen because of the healing qualities they provide when worn. They carry certain frequencies that when worn will create an entrainment so that you can balance physically emotionally and mentally. But it only works when it is worn! I would recommend changing your pendant only after you've worn it for a week or more. These are stylish, but are really designed to help you create positive changes in your life.

I believe that one of the reasons women tend to live longer is because they wear jewelry. Wear what lights you up and you will BE the attractor factor for health, wealth and wisdom! I invite you to my facebook page to leave me a testimonial:


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